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A small donation on a payment terminal: easy, fast, innovative and accessible.

I am a retailer and would like to be part of this generous chain thanks to the donation on payment terminal.

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An innovative financing method:

  • Diversify and increase its sources of financing. 700 € collected on average per month for a retailer and up to 15.000 € for a superstore. 
  • Recruitment of new, younger donors who are not usually requested.
  • Getting closer to consumers thanks to a simple and non-intrusive solution. 
  • Partnerships with brands, complementary to traditional sponsorship.


  • Free solution for the retailer.

  • Offers a unique and innovating customer experience that relieves the guilt of the act of buying.

  • Develops customer and employee loyalty around a common cause.

  • Allows you to be different from the competition and to benefit from a powerful and efficient means of communication and marketing. 

  • Be part of the network: generous trade

With HeoH you have the possibility to make personalized accounting reports !

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Heoh, partner of the French banking system

Totally secure donation solutions on TPE:

  • Compliance with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) security standards, and are equipped with GIE CB certified equipment.

  • The flows are managed only by large French banks and comply with the regulations governing collection on behalf of third parties.

  • Each donation is traceable, from the donor to the beneficiary association.

  • Heoh created Heoh Payments, a banking establishment guaranteeing security and traceability of donations.

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