A non-intrusive proposition for customers, accepted or rejected with just one click

An invitation to donate offered to the customer during payment, before they enter their secret code. He can accept or refuse. If he accepts, he will have a proof of donation ticket.

Addition amount

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The client agrees to give

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Payment (amount of the bill + donation)

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Do you have Payment Terminals in your local store, large chain, hospital, leisure park, pharmacy, restaurant, hotel, museum?

Take advantage of this donation collection solution to support a , or causes that are close to your heart.

Solutions for a win-win partnership between companies and actors of the general interest

Association, foundation, public institution

An innovative financing method:

  • A local store collects 200 to 1000 € per month. A large area up to € 20,000.
  • Recruitment of new, younger donors who are not usually requested.
  • A partnership with brands that complement traditional patronage.
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  • Generate social impact for the chosen cause.
  • Build customer loyalty and differentiate yourself.
  • Benefit from a generous, inexpensive means of communication and marketing.
  • Communication support on social networks and regional, national media.
  • Improved branding with generous action.
  • Mobilization factor and contribution of meaning to employees.
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Heoh, partner of the French banking system

Totally secure donation solutions on TPE:

  • Compliance with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) security standards, and are equipped with GIE CB certified equipment.

  • The flows are managed only by large French banks and comply with the regulations governing collection on behalf of third parties.

  • Each donation is traceable, from the donor to the beneficiary association.

  • Heoh created Heoh Payments, a banking establishment guaranteeing security and traceability of donations.

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