Association, fondation, établissement public

An innovative financing method:

  • Diversify and increase its sources of financing. 700 € collected on average per month for a retailer and up to 15.000 € for a superstore. 
  • Recruitment of new, younger donors who are not usually requested.
  • Getting closer to consumers thanks to a simple and non-intrusive solution. 
  • Partnerships with brands, complementary to traditional sponsorship.
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  • Generate social impact for the chosen cause.
  • Build customer loyalty and differentiate yourself.
  • Benefit from a generous, inexpensive means of communication and marketing.
  • Communication support on social networks and regional, national media.
  • Improved branding with generous action.
  • Mobilization factor and contribution of meaning to employees.
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This solution allows you to:

1. For a convenience store
  • Become an actor of generosity, and support a project that makes sense.
  • Benefit from a strong social impact at the local level, and unite your customers around a cause.
  • Communicate a great story on social networks, and in the local press.
2. For a large brand
  • Pick one or more causes across different campaigns throughout the year.
  • Benefit from a powerful and free tool for generous communication and marketing.
  • Respond to the quest for meaning in the work of your collaborators.
  • Put your brand’s commitment into action and thus communicate it.
  • Service offered to your customers, which contributes to their shopping experience.
3. For a hospital
  • Equip the TPEs of your hospital and its shops, as well as your trading partners in your territory.
  • Suggest to your patients and their visitors to donate for medical research, support associations, the comfort of nursing teams, the acquisition of equipment not funded by the state, etc.
  • Contribute to an atmosphere of generosity.
4. For a monument
  • Equip your ticket offices, shops and restaurants within you.
  • Federate merchants from your surroundings in a win-win partnership, promoting them as patrons.
  • Forge links with trade players in your territory.
5. For a bank
  • Offer an innovative service to your merchants, or associations by offering them a free donation collection solution on TPE.
  • Strengthen your social and environmental impact thanks to your merchant customers, associations and individuals.
  • Generate partnerships between your different types of clientele.
  • Benefit from differentiating communication and marketing elements.
6. For a leisure park
  • Reinforce the environmental and social impact of your activity through a cause and an association that you choose.
  • Integrate the TPE donation solution in your ticket offices, shops, restaurants, or merchants near the park.
  • Enrich your visitors’ experience with a high impact act of generosity


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Heoh, partner of the French banking system

Heoh’s collection points are completely secure:

  • Compliance with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) security standards, and are equipped with GIE CB certified equipment.

  • The flows are managed only by large French banks and comply with the regulations governing collection on behalf of third parties.

  • Each donation is traceable, from the donor to the beneficiary association.

  • Heoh created Heoh Payments, a banking establishment guaranteeing security and traceability of donations.

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